The full functionality of comp10 is available only on Facebook. Please, visit .

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comp10 allows you to watch any question. Automatically, you are watching your own questions and questions you have answered.

Watching a question means that you will be informed about any changes to that question and if a new answer is posted. Don't be afraid! You will not receive any email nor any Facebook message from comp10. Any news is displayed on the Watching Page. Or simply click on "Watching" on the top of any comp10 page.
Whenever there are recent messages you have not seen yet, you also get informed with a short notice on the comp10 Home page.

Start / stop watching a question

On every questions's page you find an eye symbol in the top-right corner. If it is open, you are watching the question. If it is closed, you are not watching the question. You can change the status by clicking on the eye.
Of course, you must be logged in at Facebook and you must have installed comp10 in order to change the watching status.

Watching page

The watching page shows the latest news concerning questions you are watching. It also displays a list of all questions you are watching. You can simply click on the "Watching" tab to reach that page.