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Tagging and Voting

comp10 is very democratic. Every one can add additional tags to a question and vote for deleting a question / answer or for closing a question. Votes and tags are always anonymous.


Tags are words which describe the field a question belongs to. They are important so that users can find questions they might be able to answer, and they are used for the grading system.

Voting for/against existing tags

On the question's page, the current tags for that question are displayed below the question. The blue number shows how many positive votes minus negative votes exist for that tag for that question. If you click on the "+" next to an existing tag, you support that tag which means that you think it fits to the question. The background of the "+" turns green thereby showing your vote, and the vote number of the tag is increased. If you think that a tag does not really fit to a question, you can similarly click on the "-". Clicking on the "0" deletes your vote for that tag.
The vote sum of tags matters because it is used by comp10 to rank the tags of a questions. This has an influence on the grading system.

Deleting a question/answer

The same system is used to let the comp10 users decide which questions / answers should be deleted. This should happen if the content violates the comp10 policies or laws e.g. by using inappropriate language, containing abusive or obscene texts, violating copyrights, containing advertisement, ... ( more details in the TERMS OF SERVICE ) In such a case, please, click on the "+" next to "Delete". When the vote sum reaches 3, the corresponding element is removed completely from the comp10 database.
Note that the author always has the option to delete her/his answer independently from the voting system.

Closing a question

If a question is answered in a best possible way, it should be closed. This indicates that no additional answer is necessary. If you think that this state is reached, vote for "Close" on the question's page. In particular, the question's author should vote for "Close" if she thinks that the question is answered.
If the vote sum of "Close" equals at least 1, the question becomes closed. However, it can be reopened if new votes decrease the vote sum of "Close" below 1.