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Go to the SEARCH PAGE or simply click on the "Search" tab on any comp10 page.

Simple Search

  • Type in the word(s) or parts of words you want to search for in the "search for" input field.
  • With the check boxes below the input field you can specify where you want to look for matches to those words.
  • Click on "Start Search".
  • comp10 will display questions and answers which satisfy the search conditions.

Advanced Search

For the search inside questions, answers, and their titles you can use a more involved logic using the following characters with special meanings:

+ The following word must be contained in the result.
- The following word must not be contained in the result.
* wild-card character matching any word part

For example
+comp10 good -un*
looks for all elements which must contain the word "comp10", which could contain "good" (those are rated better matches), and which do not contain any word with the prefix "un".

For more details on the involved search logic, see the following HELP PAGE OF MySQL.