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Asking a Question


Go to the comp10 page at (or to


Enter a short formulation of the question in the question-input field. Note that you may use HTML <a ...>-tags to include links. For instance:

This is a question with a <a href="">link</a>.


If you want to provide a more detailed description, you can enter it in the details-text area. Here, you may use the following HTML tags:

<a href=""> a link </a>
<b> bold text </>>
<em> italics </em>


Decide if you want to publish the new question in your Facebook news feed by using the corresponding check box. We recommend to use this option, because this will inform your friends about your question who might be able to answer it. If you choose the publish-option, after the submission a pop-up will appear where you can control which message will be posted and who can see that post.
!!! Please, allow Facebook to show pop-ups in your browser, if you want to use this option. Otherwise you will not be able to post a message to your Facebook news feed.


Tell comp10 if you want to stay anonymous by using the corresponding check box. If it is turned on, no author will appear related to that question in comp10. You are the only one who can still see that it is yours. Note that the news feed message described above is independent from this option. The option "anonymously" will not affect the Facebook news feed message. It always shows you as the author. However, as said above, in the pop-up Facebook gives you full control on who can see that post.


Before submitting the question, you should provide at least one tag, preferably some more, to describe the field of knowledge your question belongs to. This enables experts to find your question and answer it.


Click on "Submit Question"

After Submission

A message below the comp10 logo will tell you if the submission has succeeded. If the "publish" option was turned on, after some seconds the Facebook pop-up for publishing the corresponding news feed message will appear. You are automatically watching your own question. This means that you will be informed about news on that question on the "Watching" page. You can stop this by clicking on the open eye in the right-top corner.