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How do I use comp10?


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Asking Questions

If you want to ask a question, you can do so on the comp10 home page. You can decide if you want to publish the question in your Facebook feed (recommended) and if you want to stay anonymous. Please, provide some tags to describe the field of knowledge your question is related to. At the end, click on the "Submit Question" button.
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Answering Questions

If you want to answer a question, you can choose one of the recent questions shown in the lower part of the home page, or you can search for a question on the "Search" tab. On the question page, you can write the answer in the lower answer part if no answer exists so far. Otherwise you click on "Write Answer". As with questions, you can decide whether you want to publish your answer in your Facebook news feed, and if you want to stay anonymous. At the end, click on "Submit Answer". More details.

Grading Answers

On an answer's page, you can grade the answer by clicking on the grading scale. 0 is the worst grade, 10 is the best grade. Of course, you cannot grade your own answers. More details.


If you provided at least one answer which received at least one grade, comp10 will use the grades to build your competence profile. Unfortunately, the option to add it to your Facebook profile was disabled by Facebook.
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Watching Questions

By clicking on the closed eye in the right top corner of a question's page, you start watching the question. This is indicated by an open eye. Now you get messages about every event related to this question on the Watching page. There will also appear a message on the home page directing you to the Watching page whenever a new event has happened. You will not receive any email messages nor Facebook messages from comp10. (We might offer this as optional in future.) You can stop watching a question by clicking on the open eye in the question's page and closing it again. More details.

Tagging and Voting

comp10 is very democratic. Every one can add additional tags to a question in order to improve the description of the field of knowledge the question does belong to. This can be done on the questions's page. You can also support existing tags with your vote by clicking on the "+" next to the tag. Or you can vote against an existing tag by clicking on the "-". The blue number next to the tag shows the current sum of votes (positive minus negative). In the same way you can vote for deleting a question or an answer which might violate the comp10 policies or laws e.g. by using inappropriate language, containing abusive or obscene texts, violating copyrights, containing advertisement, ... In such a case, please, click on the "+" next to "Delete". When the vote sum reaches 3, the corresponding element is removed completely from the comp10 database. If you think that a question is answered in a best possible way, vote for "Close" on the question's page. More details.


You can search for questions and answers on the Search page. More details.

My Q&A

The page "My Q&A" shows your own questions and answers.


Details about installing and uninstalling comp10 can be found HERE.

Questions, Bug Reports, Suggestions

Please report bugs and mistakes by answering THIS QUESTION. And make suggestions HERE.
If you have any question about comp10 which is not covered by the help text, you can post the question inside comp10 with the tags "comp10" and "question".