The full functionality of comp10 is available only on Facebook. Please, visit .

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Installing and Uninstalling comp10

Without Installing

Anybody can read existing questions and answers at or at


However, if you try to post a new question, to post an answer to a question, to go to the Watching, Profile, My Q&A, or Search page, you are required to log in at Facebook and to install comp10. Automatically, you are asked to allow comp10 minimal (basic) access to your Facebook data. If you allow this, comp10 is installed.
You see this after logging in to Facebook in the left column under APPS. comp10 should be listed there. Or you have to click on "APPS" to see a full list of all the Facebook apps you use.
Also, grading, voting and tagging works only if you have installed comp10. To do so, simply go e.g. to the Profile page. If you see the page, comp10 is installed. Otherwise you are asked to allow comp10 minimal (basic) access, thereby installing comp10.


Currently, comp10 uses no user data from Facebook apart from the user id, the name, the profile url, and your language (locale). Because this data is publicly available at Facebook anyway, using comp10 is no risk to your privacy. Up-to-date information on these issues can be found in the Terms of Service


You can uninstall comp10 at any time. This is done on your Facebook application setting page as follows:

  • Log in at Facebook.
  • Click on the wheel symbol in the top right corner.
  • Click on "Privacy Settings".
  • Click on "Apps" in the left column.
  • Click on the "X" in the row of comp10.
  • Click on "Remove" in the confirmation pop-up message.

!!! Uninstalling comp10 does not remove your questions and answers because they will still be helpful to others. However, you are always able to remove each of your entries separately or to make it anonymous. Additionally, we are currently working on implementing a way to make all your postings anonymous or to delete them with one click.