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Grading an Answer


You should grade all the answers to your own questions and answers which you find helpful. Also, you can search for topics you are familiar with on the Search page and grade answers you find there.
Currently, you can grade answers only on the answer's page. The answer's page can be reached by clicking on "View Answer Page" in the answer part of a question's page, by clicking on an answer in the answer list of a question's page, by clicking on the answer in a search result on the Search page or anywhere else where a link appears.


On an answer's page, you can grade the answer by clicking on the grading scale. 0 is the worst grade, 10 is the best grade. Grades are always anonymous. Only you can see which grade you gave for which answer.

Of course, you cannot grade your own answers. And you are able to grade answers only if you are logged in at Facebook and have installed comp10. You can do so for instance by going to the Search page. If you have installed comp10 already, you see the search page. Otherwise you will be asked to allow comp10 the minimal (basic) access.

After Grading

Your grade will be shown in the grading scale. It also directly affects the overall grade and the number of votes displayed in the top right corner of the answer part. The effect on the competence profile of the answer's author is calculated daily. Grades for anonymous answers have the same effect on your competence profile as the ones for normal answers.